Mike Carson


Mike started piano lessons at the age of 9 at Banneker Elementary school. He also attended Emerson School for the Visual and Performing Arts in Gary, Indiana at age 13. There he specialized in a variety of piano styles ranging from classical to contemporary jazz.   

During his education at Emerson, Mike excelled to the top of his class under the tutelage of Judith Neville.  Mike has also trained under Billy Foster, the jazz instructor at Valparaiso University (1980-2014).  


Mike attended Purdue University where he majored in Psychology, and continued to train under his mentors. He began teaching piano lesson in 2012.


Mike specializes in teaching beginner-advanced students. He believes that learning music should be a learning experience both technically and historically. He is very avid on providing historical context to the genre being taught. Mike uses traditional methods of instruction to provide full understanding of music and all of its beauty.